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June 8, 2012, LeBron 27 years and 160 days, after which he gifted to his unit south coast second championship. A year ago he lost to the Mavericks in the finals, because the crucial moment poor performance is being questioned. The day before, the Heat 2-3 backward Celtics, Boston with "F * CK LBJ" to meet him, most people think the Celtics have three straight big bang, while Pierce added within special - Ray Allen has not completely old, a veteran die interpretation of the classic story. Then, LeBron 26 vote 19, under the H-45 points and 15 rebounds and five assists, 19 points and led the team to Boston massacre, the killing silence Banknorth Garden. cheap jerseys from china Stare death in the race to become the most classic LeBron career a shot.

Four years later, 24 hours prior to LeBron 31 years and 166 days, after which he put talent led his unit back to Cleveland second championship. A year ago he lost in the finals Warriors, blasted the series in six games 35.8 points, 11.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists, fight light magazine in the last bullet. Before the game, the Cavaliers 1-3 behind the Warriors, numerous dead impasse before, LeBron with the same wild, but more comprehensive cheap jerseys usa individual performance, and play the same excellent Irwin together, killing the warriors lost Helmets Resurrection. The final three minutes left in the game, the audience exit one after another, before, during, laughing at LeBron crybaby Warriors fans, he and Irwin playing together clothes, ahead of their departure from the home team.

First, the impasse Zhan also put three meters, Cole Du Shu is not working

From the opening to the first pause, LeBron's personal attack is this: to cheap mlb jerseys turn around and take the first round fight, substituted Green starter Andre Iguodala steals counterattack succeeded; the second round of the fast break back playing again in Iraq Ge Dala, bending over backwards not; the third round is a ball directly to the basket cap Borg King fan. A total of 3 minutes 24 seconds, LeBron 2 vote 0, 1 turnovers, Knight Warrior directly hit a wave of 9-3 spurt stop. LeBron considerations, is not taking advantage of Green Warriors without a strong defense, low scuttling a good outside shooting. But the effect of the experiment is poor, so that the Thunder Tucao with the team reporter: "The game is over."

Suspension back, Irwin himself an attack, LeBron it? 7 minutes 27 seconds outside line access Irwin ball, bayan three hits. Knights of the field a total of only four post-up, LeBron twice in addition to the first section, the second half also tried again, cheap nba jerseys simple and crude way to attack the rest of LeBron, all face-up attack, you let me I'll shoot, do not I put my borrowed screens hoop, anyway, no one blocked lives.

Over the past four games, the Warriors defense on LeBron's problems are put to vote and hold projections, LeBron long-range instability that everyone knows, he was only the second half G3 4 consecutive jumper, LeBron can not find Cole bet to that of a cheap ncaa jerseys hand, it has also been recognized by many experts. But the first section of the war to 4 minutes 07 seconds, LeBron back in the third hit, the ball, and is not on a different Irwin assists, direct pull-jumper, LeBron game when the first two goals are tri points when the Warriors will continue gambling forever?

Cole said: I bet.

In fact, not that he would like to gamble, but there is no other way warrior. Andre Iguodala limiting LeBron positive breakthrough is the rapid decline in the cost of stamina, there are also two Green when people round the defense, and Green Physical  much better, this ban can not beat Green, Yi Geda have pull with the province. If you paste the whole anti-LeBron, Andre Iguodala is not possible to stay on the pitch 41 minutes, and in order to compensate for the cheap nfl jerseys huge vacancy left by Green, Kohl increased the number of the inside rotation - Speights, Aize Li, Varejao playing time more than 8 minutes, LeBron once transposed to the registration big, sudden or cast alone is free to draw the line of LeBron.

So the game, LeBron James outside the ball, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping often nobody in front of the defense, the second section has a round is already proof to Speights on the line, followed by air or cut back Irwin paint, LeBron stupidly: "you're after?" bayan jumper. The audience to play down, LeBron has 14 fully open looks, hit seven goals, four times beyond the arc was put air three. Today he took 20 points out of the paint, the first 4 games total of only 23 points; hit four three-pointers, cheap nhl jerseys the first four games a total of only five. This G7 in 2013 Finals, the Spurs LeBron is tough response "to put three meters" after repeat itself.

Perhaps Cole is desperate underestimated Zhan fighting, scored 41 points after this, LeBron desperate battle (losing was eliminated) scoring average from 31.9 points to 32.4 points elevate, still ranked first in history, behind him are cheap replica jerseys Jordan's 31.3 points and 31.1 points Chamberlain, NBA history for so many years, this trio will face an impasse, can play all 30 minutes of playing level.

Second, the cultural body of the strongest thigh Eritrea, more than Loew return data

But having said that, the outbreak of the credit for LeBron, ultimately, of Irwin. The campaign two together to create a lot of records, they cheap soccer jerseys are the first in history to simultaneously cut the 40+ players in the finals, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, OK combination did not do too; Irwin 3 consecutive games scored 30 + potential energy is the first to do it in the playoffs teammate LeBron, Wade, Bosh not done; two cheap sports jerseys total team score of 73.2%, 86.7% total team assists, the Cavaliers finally 21 points are from LeBron or Irwin, they both rely on assists and scored 97 points for the Cavaliers contributed, it happens to be the entire Warriors team scoring. After the game a reporter with emotion:. "If Batman needs a Robin always around, that today have two knights Batman"

LeBron mainly by open shots penetrated the Warriors defense, Erwin score much hard way, he hit the ball is a hockey jerseys cheap hero, superstar ball. He has 15 direct campaign dribble from backcourt play up front, it does not pass alone, 15 10. The first four games this shot 39 times, but he hit only 13. He took a dribble jumper direct 16 points, shooting a staggering 12 7 As a comparison, this move by LeBron took 16 points, hit rate of only 17 shots 7.

Both hit a lot of shots against under 42 shots into 24 balls, hit rate of 57% under 54 team against the Warriors shooting 15 balls, hit rate (28%) less than LeBron and Irwin's half. The entire second half turned into a two-person show LeBron and Irwin, cheap nfl hats both of whom took 26 voted 15 in 39 points, the Warriors team was 12 of 45 in only 36 minutes.

Because the two men broke out, the Knights have lived the whole offensive system, two key points they win fast-break basket and the offensive and defensive. Fast-break scoring 28-9 occupy an overwhelming advantage, in addition to two direct Irwin steals counterattack succeeded, hit 3-pointers in cheap nba hats the attack were dropped into the conversion, the Knights took the break to seal the victory in the third quarter with 14 points Warriors do not have a point. It said the two teams played against the Warriors is one of the faster speed, there is now Irwin, full speed ahead Cavaliers LeBron can also bring out the clean sweep of the situation.

Another giant knight Loew today back in the starting lineup, he was on the offensive end 5 1 vote, three 3 0 no sense of presence, Saihoutailun - Lu said: the next one I will insist that Loew starting. The previous four games, Loew has been criticized most is cheap baseball caps the defense out of position easily, physical confrontation is not dominant today, these problems are still there, but when he was present when the knight second highest margin of 18 points, the team, second only to Ecuador Wen, Bilebulang efficiency also excellent. Warriors face Loew, the basket shot only 1 of 4 finals since his opponents 22 8 in wholesale baseball caps the basket, shooting 36.4%, it can be said he was well done its due care baskets task, in contrast, Green's defensive basket hit rate can suppress the other 34%.

Of course, we can not say that the efficiency of Loew can protect the basket and compared Green (Green finals of the 50 anti-basket, Bile Fu much more), but at least he was not out of position in the case, defense or take It was shot. While LeBron also set an example on cheap nike elite socks the defensive end, he was anti-six times the basket shot, Warriors only 1 hits, which included six defensive large cap three times to recover the body, which is a whirl of flying on a counterattack Curry basket.

Rider defensive end well, activate the offensive end, behind all this, the biggest reason is Green can not play. To know Green is the playoffs so far the league's best guard baskets hand, he averaged 9.8 Anti ball in the basket, the other hit rate was only 37.1%. In addition to the absence of Green, the second half of the Warriors also lost Andrew Bogut, outside LeBron has been voted out of hand, Irwin also as unhindered generally Warriors basket wholesale nike elite socks wanton rush ahead, the two sides on the box score, the Cavaliers 48-30 18 points ahead. Warriors on these links are across the board defeat.

Third, given the Warriors a chance, but he was useless ah

Green suspended after confirmation, Andre Iguodala starting to increase Insiders rotation which are within the expected, after all G4 win down, Andre Iguodala replace Green as playmaker, sent a team-high seven assists great credit. The knight is what strain it? Taryn - Lu idea is: maintaining the status quo.

The same routine: the brothers continued to spray pressure, outside a large expansion. Green Warriors'll have time to find a few hands, the inside space, today only in Andre Iguodala, Cleveland defensive end loose a lot of the burden. Curry addition to their strong defense? ustom nike elite socks cheap Two proofs: First, Curry Just over half have two people approached containment, regardless of others, do not even let the ball run Curry is not smooth success. The second is  in the first section of the final three minutes to play, he came less than two minutes to eat 3 fouls, all committed in the library body.

Leave no stone unturned to disrupt the rhythm of the library, not centered coordinate Green Curry chaotic at this point, the Warriors team's offensive would have chaos. Curry on a burst cut 38 points, proved that he could shots before Knight teamed in place, the problem is double-teamed all the half, cheap authentic jerseys Curry can cast it? The remaining option is only one, after being double-teamed the ball to open teammates thirds vote to cut air Ye Hao worth mentioning, benefit the most is Thompson, on a very unsuccessful Thompson to frequent the library screens, as long as the Cavaliers up siege Curry, Thompson is a vacancy.

Second section of the game, the Warriors offensive end Thompson is almost a one-man show, cast out of his faith than a shot from the far, Oracle Arena cheers while higher than a while, half the Warriors shot 21 three hits 11 , this withstood LeBron and Irwin to join cheap baseball jerseys the outbreak of a powerful offensive. Thompson and LeBron also work together to create a record, they are Michael Jordan and Malone 1998, as the first pair of opponents in the finals halftime scored 20+ players.

Unfortunately, the second half, the Cavaliers are no longer sufficient to support the physical half-collar defense, but also unable to set a double-team trap behind the arc, the Warriors began to use moves without the ball, the ball conduction tear out a lot of cheap basketball jerseys open shots. But unfortunately only people responsible for the ambush in the beyond the arc, is Barnes.

Barnes say this person is mixed hesitate, G3 7 took 18 of his 11 points and eight rebounds, G4 and added 14 points and eight rebounds, his two main ways to attack, catching the third corner, also there are three-point line 45-degree angle ball singles. cheap football jerseys The performance of these two, let him pay top summer looks to have some prospect of a solution.

But in fact, he has never been a reliable ball pitcher, Barnes in the finals of the ball shot hit rate of only 28.6%. Today, he is completely outrageous beyond the arc in the space of performance, only 6 shots 1. Taryn - Lu see Barnes feel so much difference, but also started to gamble, later vented directly select him, cheap hockey jerseys to intercept spray brothers, Barnes just really disappointing.

The entire second half, the Warriors 21 from 3-pointers, shot 42 three-pointers a game and create their final record, but they have 28 of misses, than the Cavaliers third shot (24) even more. Barnes also seems to feel bad infected Curry, Curry hits today seemingly cheap jerseys improvise, but in fact he was in the Fifth open shots (including four 3-pointers) all blacksmith, into the ball into the defensive against all of. Thus, FMVP attribution problem, but also by the media out to re-examine a lot.

Fourth, the front eye surfaced, he could have said five small death

Curry can not get FMVP, the problem will be considered after the Warriors win. Today could see the value of this ball touches another player the Warriors, he is not even allowed to enter the Oracle Arena are Green. All along, Green was questioned by many fans as a system player is not important star. cheap jerseys china This finals, should somehow end up in this debate - Green play and can not play, the Warriors is completely different teams.

Today the first section, Cole would leave no stone unturned plugging this hole, starting Bogut down, Aize Li up to play a few minutes later and put Varejao McAdoo, can not be used inside, the fall put up, everything will come back to the second section of the most familiar of the smaller lineup. Teams small lineup to fight when there is no Green Warriors, knights play a trick, did not let Frye on four consecutive games experiment to no avail, Taryn - Lu 0 cheap jerseys free shipping finally realized that there is a sense Fry defensive end Knight will bring much harm.

Instead, Jefferson, Irwin, Smith, Schubert and Loew, Jones became Jefferson storm basket succeeded twice, including a cut dunks, leading the Warriors this time or Speights inside, Branch seeing Seoul withstand replaced Andre Iguodala and Curry, their court at this time lineup is Livingston, Curry, Thompson, Barnes and Andre Iguodala. Prior to this, the Warriors will only play a small lineup as Green No. 5, Barnes hit the No. 5 position in the G3 last one tried, it was really depressed state Green, Cole is no way to approach. Today is no way to approach, Taryn - Lu would like to start with LeBron playing center against each other, but try a minute with Thompson replaced Jefferson, the Warriors began to pinch a small lineup fatal flaw: rebounding protection , go inside hard chisel.

Said earlier, because Thompson continuous Guards third, even if Curry is grabbed, the Warriors also liked this the most difficult section II, the second half began after an accident occurs: Andrew Bogut in a defense accident injured, the Warriors can continue to fight a small lineup. Let Barnes beat No. 5 position, opened the third of gambling space, the results did not feel Thompson, Curry, Barnes had not voted into the space, the Warriors can only be trampled upon. The line-up, the presence of attack 7.7 minutes, 4 of 19 shots, three 6 0, net minus 9 points. Distal points when chase Rush replaced Livingston, the effect is still bad, playing 2.4 minutes, 0-4 lost 3 points. Overall, G5 Barnes as number five of five small lineup, the Warriors lost a total of 12 points, the audience down two points difference to 15 points.

All of the above, in the importance of Green. When the Warriors discharge a small lineup, the Green at center is the most critical part. His cover, shooting, organization, the most important is the role of the defensive barrier, because he, only five small warrior's death. Four games before the finals than garbage time, the Warriors 93 minutes without the use of traditional center, margin Knight 51 points, while the use of traditional center 83 minutes, only to win by 19 points. And there is no center, no Green it? Today is the end, just like the last game of knights, fight light last bullet, still do not see the hope of winning.

ESPN after the game is given a data, this year's playoffs when the presence of Green Warriors 153 points margin of victory, he was not present when the Warriors opponents net negative 30 points. Green will next return, which means genuine death five small return, should the knight headache.

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