Cheap Paris Saint Germain Jersey For Sale

Cheap Paris Saint Germain Jersey For Sale

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In Tuesday of the game in the final minute to drink Allianz Arena breath, stadium rose to cheer the hero of Yorushin. Trot from Tiago Stadium, tired, you drained, satisfaction and happiness radiation: fourth referee is 6 to replace the plaque, even if that is displayed players, Paris Saint Germain jersey applause at home. "We think near perfect," said Spaniard said after the victory of Porto over 6-1.

"This is the day seems elementary sunny for the team." More importantly, is a great day for the players themselves. Tiago, months, missed a 3 ligament injury in his right knee, and finally, returned three weeks ago to less than 371 days prior to the downtime. "This," he said is my new life as a football player - paris saint germain jersey youth because it is hard to believe that he was away until now, would be good. Tiago is a talented player, but he's serious and assurance and confidence Porto. The 22-year-old words but it does not seem to know the "stress" means.

"We, we are proud to be playing to them, We had this game, love it," Tiago only a high declared. Spanish 8 inches back 174 cm / 5 feet, he his header DF attention Porto has refused to accept unusual was nothing no. "You can put it in your back end, you can paris saint germain jerseys 2019 do it kick scissors You can - this is the goal, it is the most important. "

Tiago, chorus from fans, praised is a view of the top of the future of the club. "Young man of the world class," Rummenigge, declared "talent of his incredible will. We can have very happy that he came back the last third of the season. he will be able to decide the game. "Coe Chipeppu Guardiola praised" great, great quality, in particular, who he is no matter how playing us, there is no scary thing. He is a warrior. " cheap paris saint germain jersey His disciple of Neuer, the things that can be said about his team mate, we have nothing. "He, in order to ensure its ownership, is our center and rhythm of hub and his UPS, and you have a superior technology."

Because I think players I have not been restored him to 100%, everyone, fitness of Tiago, currently, the next few weeks, hoping to have a few months. paris saint germain jersey for sale "It was getting better, however," he announced -. This is good news and sports of the biggest game looming.

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