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Later in the game, Smith surrendered a 98-yard score to Cooks with the same glaring issues showing up on the tape. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound corner failed to get his hands on Cooks to disrupt the route, and his poor cheap jerseys technique (Smith didn't kick-slide or take a six-inch step to the outside to mirror Cook's speed release) allowed the Saints burner to win a foot race down the boundary on the fade route:

Although the technical flaws are correctable, the lack of athleticism and burst displayed by Smith on those plays will encourage future opponents to attack the veteran early and often, to cheap nfl jerseys see if he can hold up on the island without help.

Naturally, it is easy to cite Smith as one of the biggest issues plaguing the defense, but the Raiders haven't gotten quality play from their safeties, either. Reggie Nelson and Keith McGill repeatedly have been out of position cheap nfl jerseys china between the hashes, leaving huge voids for quarterbacks to find receivers running free to the post or down the seams. These are certainly the vacant areas of a single-high defense, but the Raiders' deep players have failed to shrink those windows with proper alignment and positioning.

It's possible that the insertion of Karl Joseph into nfl jerseys china the starting rotation could improve the play between the hashes. With McGill starting the first two games of the season at strong safety, the No. 14 overall pick was limited to special teams duty. But he was a terrific ballhawk and playmaker at West Virginia prior to suffering a season-ending knee injury during his senior season. And reporting through this week has indicated that he's going to get his chance on defense this Sunday at Tennessee. He could add a much-needed nfl jerseys supply spark to the unit.

Here's another thing: The pass defense will improve dramatically if/when the team cranks up its pass rush. To this point, the Raiders' vaunted front line has been a non-factor on passing downs. The unit has amassed just two sacks and failed to wreak the kind of havoc many expected when the team added Irvin to a group that features a wholesale jerseys two-spot All-Pro (Mack) with the skills to be a true game changer off the edge.

One of the reasons Oakland's pass rush hasn't been able to get untracked: a lack of "tee off" opportunities. The wholesale nfl jerseys Raiders have failed to win on first down (i.e., hold opponents to three yards or fewer) and the inordinate amount of "mix" downs (offense can run or pass in a manageable situations) has prevented defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. from wholesale nfl jerseys china dialing up five- and six-man pressures, which create one-on-one opportunities for Mack and Irvin. With the unit unable to hunt the quarterback in advantageous situations, the pass rush has been neutralized by opponents using play action or misdirection (bootleg/naked) passes.

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